Stephen Dedman

Cover for the book Dragonbones

A loose alliance of Australian shadowrunners and First Nations magicians fight to prevent miners stealing an opalized dragon fossil from a sacred site.

Cover for the book Immunity by Stephen Dedman

Nick Horne, police crime scene examiner turned science journalist, hunts for a missing geneticist who may have stolen a devastating bioweapon.

Cover for Charm, Strangness, Mass and Spin by Stephen Dedman
Charm, Strangeness, Mass and Spin

28 stories (including three new to this collection): science fiction, fantasy, horror, and a few that are just plain weird.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Stephen Dedman, and yes, that is my real name, and yes, I do tell tales. That's why I'm here, and presumably why you're here. If you're looking for the suspected serial killer, he's dead, and as far as I know, we've never met and aren't related.

I've had over 120 short stories published in an eclectic range of magazines and anthologies, including tie-in fiction for Doctor Who, Shadowrun, and Zombies vs Robots, as well as six novels and two non-fiction books (one of them based on my PhD thesis). I'm also a game designer, book reviewer, and recovering bookseller, and my work's been translated into French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Czech, and Hungarian.

I've taught creative writing at the University of Western Australia and the Forensic Writing Centre (that was a wonderful gig; I taught them plot and structure and some of the history of detective fiction, and they taught me how to collect maggots from corpses to establish time of death). I was the fiction editor of Borderlands magazine,  associate editor of Eidolon, and editorial assistant of Australian Physicist Magazine. I've mentored other writers, marked dissertations, and served on the committee of the  Perth Writers Festival and innumerable science fiction conventions. I've co-owned a science fiction and fantasy bookshop, worked for the WA Museum, and been an actor, an experimental subject, and an unpaid Dalek.

I grew up (though many would dispute this) with the space program, and this and other early interests—including dinosaurs, samurai, and what Stephen King describes as the tarot of horror—tend to crop up in my work. I like to travel, mostly to science fiction conventions, bookshops, theatres, and museums, but that takes money…so please buy my books, or ask your local library to buy them. And support local bookshops when you can. Thank you.  

"Stephen Dedman is the proverbial writer to watch." – Jack Dann

"…an imaginative writer who deserves wider recognition" – Publishers Weekly

"Someone really ought to kill this Dedman character. He's that good." – Spider Robinson